Online Personalized Diet and Training Plan

The Online Personalized Diet and Training Plan is designed for non-local clients, and offers a workout schedule based on specific client needs and goals that is relative to where the client will be training. 


  • Follow a structured and effective routine based on your lifestyle
  • Open line of communication with trainer
  • Understand the nutrition and supplementation that will best help you achieve your goals

Personal Training PlaN

This program offers the personalized diet and training plan as well. As with all programs, there is an open line of communication with the coach via email or phone for questions on diet, training, and supplementation. In addition, there is 2 training sessions a month. Additional sessions (training, nutrition education, and grocery store visit) can be added if so desired at a rate of $30 per additional session.


  • Designed nutrition, training, and supplementation program
  • 2 sessions per month with Certified Trainer
  • Ability to change or alter training, new workouts are provided based on clients specific program


Personal Training Bundle Plan

The personal training bundle plan includes everything that the monthly plan offers, in addition to 1 grocery store visit and the client’s choice of 2 bonus sessions.


  • Greater monetary value
  • Ensures client commitment and accountability
  • Grocery store visit and additional 2 sessions

Ask about military, law enforcement, and first responder discount!