Nathan Bradley was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. After graduating high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where he served in Operation Enduring Freedom and other overseas operations. While in the United States Marine Corps, he obtained his certification to become a personal trainer, and helped oversee the fitness and nutrition programs of Marines who struggled to meet body composition requirements. After being honorably discharged, Nathan pursued his passion for fitness as a personal trainer in a facility where he trained up to 30 clients on a weekly basis. During his time personal training, he started bodybuilding competitively as well as continuing his education as a full time student.

List of Major Awards/Accomplishments:

  • United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran
  • Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA)
  • Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (ISSA)
  • 1st Place Jax Physique Novice HVY Class-2015
  • 4th Place Jax Physique Open LT HVY Class-2015